Kitchen Applications

Evaporative cooling can be used in all climates as there are many hours where the web-bulb temperatures of entering airstreams can provide economical cooling for applications such as kitchens, industrial, laundries, animal related and spot cooling.

Direct evaporative cooling is very effective in dryer climates where the amount of time lower web-bulb temperatures is greater compared to territories where high web-bulbs can be experienced for longer durations. As design wet-bulb temperatures are rarely above 78F, evaporative cooling provides efficient comfort cooling for the bin-hours where direct evaporative can provide adiabatic exchange of energy and lowering air temperatures of conditioned spaces.

Kitchens are an ideal place to use evaporative cooling because make-up air is required to balance the building pressurization.  To maintain the building airflow when kitchen air is exhausted over grilles, stoves, and ovens, the air must be replaced by make-up air units.  Often, these units are only provided with heating, and mechanical cooling is excluded as the installation and operating costs are quite high for cost conscience kitchen applications.  Therefore, evaporative cooling can be incorporated into the make-up air and provide cooling down to the web-bulb temperature, which is very comfortable for many kitchen applications.  Kitchen design conditions are often in the upper 70's as the heat from cooking equipment makes these temperature ranges ideal.  Evaporative cooling, which is based on web-bulb temperatures, provide efficient, cost effective cooling for many kitchen applications, even when the ambient conditions are not consistently dry.