ARES make-up air systems are designed to specifically fit your facility, and create a more comfortable and productive work environment. Our modular component concept makes heating, cooling, and ventilation more cost efficient because you only order the modules you need.

Whether you’re searching for ventilation and cooling in warmer climates, heating solutions in cooler climates, or have varied needs, ARES Plus can offer you proven solutions in a wide range of capabilities for your work environment. Our ARES Plus line offers three models: the ARS030, ARS070, and ARS100; and is available through a network of dedicated reps and distributors throughout the United States.



  • Airflow Range of 1,000-3,000 CFM (nominal)
  • Heating Input Capacity Range of 125-250 MBTU


  • Airflow Range of 3,000-7,000 CFM (nominal)
  • Heating Input Capacity Range of 225-275 MBTU


  • Airflow Range of 7,000-10,000 CFM (nominal)
  • Heating Input Capacity Range of 350-450 MBTU

ARES Plus Key Features

The ARES Plus modular design offers you the flexibility to create a solution for various applications that provide year-round comfort. Our make-up air systems can be configured with heat, evaporative, and mechanical cooling modules. Some of the configurations are:

  • Heating/Cooling Package Systems (evaporative or direct expansion)
  • Heating Package Systems (indirect gas)
  • Cooling Package Systems (evaporative or mechanical)
  • Untempered Package Systems (ventilation only)

With greater fan performance, environmentally responsible technologies, and advanced control options, the ARES Plus line raises the bar for commercial packaged air designs.


EC Motor & Plenum Fan

The backbone of our products is a high performance plenum fan with a direct coupled Electronically Commutated (EC) motor. This highly efficient combination provides a plenum fan and motor in a balanced assembly, requiring no vibration controls, thus creating higher static performance wth no drive loss.

With built-in overload protection, no bearings to wear out, and programmable controls, this fan assembly’s reliable performance provides an excellent base upon which our ARES Plus products are built. It is the defining feature setting us apart from the competition.

Excellent Cooling & Incredible Savings

In today’s conservation-minded world, evaporative cooling has several benefits for both you and the environment. Our evaporative cooling units are significantly more efficient than in previous generations, with cooling efficiencies of over 20 EER. Not only will your savings will be reflected in your energy bills, but you will also reduce the strain on the electrical grid during peak demand. There is also no use of potentially environmentally damaging refrigerants.

Water conservation is often a concern in dry climates. New and better technology allows for effective cooling with much less water usage than earlier cooler designs. High efficiency media with the GREENGUARD seal ensures excellent cooling with no negative impact on the environment.

  • Unique, environmentally-friendly adiabatic cooling
  • 88% or higher cooling efficiency
  • 12” rigid media, Munters CELdek® with GREENGUARD (GLASdek® option available)
  • Reliable, easily maintainable single piece sump
  • Easy fill and drain kit (standard)  

Tubular Aluminum Frame

The tubular frame offers a strong yet lightweight structure, while the removable double-wall casing panels provide increased durability, reduced radiated energy loss, easy maintenance access, and increased sound dampening qualities.

Direct Digital Controls

The fully integrated direct digital control (DDC) system offers better control while saving time, energy, and the need for additional devices. The DDC system is factory programmed with pre-set parameters that can be field adjusted. It also has built-in protocol support for BACnet, Modbus RTU, N2, and LonWorks. We offer two remote control options: the standard remote control and the Equipment Touch (optional).

  • DDC control panel (standard)
  • Outside air sensor (standard)
  • Discharge temperature (standard)
  • Remote control (standard)
  • Equipment Touch (optional)


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